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Synonymy is a kind of . Two words (or phrases) are synonyms when they have the same meaning. (Terms with subtle differences between meanings are termed near-synonyms).

Example. The WordNet database differentiates two meanings of the word computer. The first meaning is a machine for performing calculations automatically. For this meaning is on January 2004 listed the following six synonyms:

  • computer,
  • computing machine,
  • computing device,
  • data processor,
  • electronic computer and
  • information processing system.

Lyons (1995, p. 61) defines two expressions as full synonymous if the following conditions are met:

  • All their meanings are identical
  • They are synonyms in all contexts
  • They are semantic equivalent in all aspects of their meaning

Webster's new dictionary of synonyms discuss the concept at length (p. 5-31) and provide the following definition:

A synonym, in this dictionary, will always mean one of two or more words in the English language which have the same or very nearly the same essential meaning... Synonyms, therefore, are only such words as may be defined wholly, or almost wholly, in the same terms. Usually they are distinguished from one another by an added implication or connotation, or they may differ in their idiomatic use or in their application. (Merriam-Webster, 1984, p. 24).

In reality are words seldom or never full synonyms. In WordNet the following definition is given:

synonymy, synonymity, synonymousness -: the semantic relation that holds between two words that can (in a given context) express the same meaning. The condition: in a given context is an important reservation.

In Library and Information Science (LIS) are synonyms important because users often use different terms compared with document authors to refer to the same concept. (And different document authors often use different terms, while users may errornously believe they have found the "right" term when they have found only one out of many synonyms). For this simple reason is information retrieval affected by the 'term mismatch' problem. The term mismatch problem does not only have the effect of hindering the retrieval of relevant documents in Boolean sets, it also produces bad rankings of relevant documents in techniques based on partial match.

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