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Semantic Web applications

Or, if you like, Semantic Web Area for Play... visiting RDF and all points west. working toward the SWELL langauge, MIT-LCS's advanced development prototyping of tools and langauges for the Semantic Web.

This NOT W3C endorsed material, it is related to the Semantic Web activity of the W3C.

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This stuff is not guaranteed but is open source and available from the public w3c CVS repository.

Cwm - a general-purpose semantic web data processing tool

Check out *.py from the top level of the swap hierarchy to use it, check out the whole tree to develop.

Set up an alias (.bat file, etc) to make the cwm command cwm="python /wherever/"

Other utilities in python

nearby: - (the start of) a converter from RDF to ICal. (see also: libical), (in palmagent), which actually converts ical to RDF.


These are lists of RDF terms (properties and classes) which we have used for putting together test and demo applications, and organizing our dailiy lives. Most are defined in n3, many have xml versions. If you don't have it in XML, use cwm to transcode it.

Cwm built-ins

For cwm these are magic - these are properties which cwm can infer or which allow cwm to infer things. They are like built-in functions in a programming language. Not every N3 processor handles the same built-ins.

  • Logic - as used by cwm
  • String - built in
  • Math - builtin
  • Crypto - digital sugnature
  • OS - Operating system interface; environment, command line &c
  • Utility ontologies

    As we have experimented, we have generated a number of general purpose ontologies.

    While in the long term there may be much better standard ones, for what its worth

    Basic RDF ontologies

    Not here, but things everyone needs

  • The RDF schema vocabulary
  • The OWL web ontology vocabulary
  • History: Motivation

    The requirements of this system are now

  • To check the semantic web layer cake is feasable

    To make a rules langauge which is a smooth extension of RDF

    To make

  • These are a few things I put together to

  • Resolve the fact that I had no code development environment
  • Investigate the questions of the real RDF model particularly with respect to
  • alternative quick scribbling (wiki wiki?) syntax - notation3
  • managing several bags of RDF data, not covered by the RDF spec
  • relationships between this and rule languages
  • a generic logic framework for implementing various systems
  • Generate some tools for munging RDF
  • Acknowledgements

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