Google Semantic Search

How Google Processes Queries in a Semantic Web Environment

What is Semantics?

Semantics is the study of meaning which understands the relationship between phrases, symbols, signs, connotation, pragmatics, antonyms, synonyms, lexicology and what they denote. In broader terms, it is the study of languages and in narrower terms it is the study of symbols and syntax of languages. Semantics helps to reveal the underlying meaning or expressions behind the symbols used in the language.

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing make use of Semantics especially for ambiguous queries. Such queries have more than one meaning like the word “Rose” which can mean the name of a flower, the name of a company, the name of a movie, the name of an organization etc. In order to identify the “real intent” of the searchers, search engines use Semantics to a great extent.

What is Semantic Web?

article_semantic_search_3We are slowly moving ahead as what is known as “Web 3.0” and semantic web is a major component of it. In order to deal with the uncertainty and vastness of data, a standard was required that will help each one of us to correctly store and retrieve data as and when required.

The search engines might capitalize on this form of semantic web in order to serve the interests of their users. It is for this reason that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) led a movement called the “Semantic Web” which encourages webmasters to use common data formats and semantic content in order to convert all of the vastly scattered data available in several formats into one common format known as “web of data”. The Resource Description Framework developed on the model of Meta data allows the webmasters to store the data in a common format which makes it easier for the search engines to identify the meaning of data stored in the web pages.

Types of Queries Which Google Handles

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