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This document concerns the management of the output of insight generators, the software agents utilized in the insight generation systems. The solution to managing these reports involves the automatic creation of a repository for all materials generated by various insight generators; this repository allows the user to navigate through this continually growing space of marketing reports, gaining new insights about the relationships between items of interest and adding new insights in the process. The goal of the system is to make all marketing information and insights generated by the man/machine interaction available to the user, so that there is a convergence towards a "conservation of information". To use a geometric metaphor, the goal is to make the user equidistant from all information at all times, as illustrated below.

The output of insight generators like I Want is paper; every time the system is run, a paper report is produced. If the system were run for every retail account in every market, it would produce hundreds of reports. If similar insight generators focused on other insights (distribution, variety, coupons, shelf space, prices, etc.), the collection of agents would produce thousands of reports. If each agent were run for each brand item (each size, package type, flavor, etc.), there could be many thousands of reports. Finally, if all of the agents were run each month for all the brands, then millions of reports could accumulate.

Further, these agents could be run for a firm's competitors. The system could be run backwards; that is to say, it could be run from the perspective of the brand's competitors in a particular category. From this, the brand group could learn where their brand is vulnerable to attack from competitors seeking to take merchandising support away from it. Also, the sales force could be informed where not to ask for more support, such as in the instance where their brand is receiving far more feature support than its volume share warrants. Such use of this system can be called exposure analysis and it was further explored in the Market Opportunity Inspector (MOI) prototype.

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