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Semantic Compaction

Semantic Compaction® Systems, Inc. (SCS) is a company founded by Bruce R. Baker in 1982.

  • Semantic Compaction Systems is an intellectual property company which owns the copyrights, trademarks, and patents for the use of intellectual concepts, techniques or technology invented by or developed in collaboration with Mr. Baker.
  • Semantic Compaction Systems holds a variety of copyrights, trademarks, and numerous patents for language, language representation and command technology throughout the world.
  • Semantic Compaction Systems has the rights to protect its concepts, techniques or technology, including all copyrights, trademarks, and patents (domestic and international) for the use of sequenced multi-meaning icons.
  • Semantic Compaction Systems also has the rights to license the use of these intellectual properties.

Intellectual Properties owned by Semantic Compaction® Systems:

  • Semantic Compaction® - Semantic Compaction® is a trademark intellectual property of Semantic Compaction Systems, the company. Semantic Compaction® is a more technical, brand name for Baker’s invention of using multiple meaning icons as a visual language representation system, as well as other visual language processes. The application of Semantic Compaction® brand processes may be used both in the field of disabilities and outside of the field of disabilities.
  • Minspeak® – Minspeak® is the first commercial name for the process, also branded Semantic Compaction®. It is a play on words from George Orwell’s novel, 1984, where the term “Newspeak” was used. Minspeak® was used to mean “minimum effort speech.” Minspeak® is a registered trademark of Semantic Compaction Systems in the United States and in other countries. The application of the Minspeak® brand of visual language representation is primarily used within the field of disabilities.
  • Minspeak® Application Programs - Early in the development of the Minspeak® system, the idea arose to develop Minspeak® Application Programs (MAPs). A MAP provides a clinical application of the Minspeak® system that includes a pre-selected vocabulary encoded with the Minspeak® or Semantic Compaction® style. The first of these English-language MAPs was branded Words Strategy®. It was followed by Interaction, Education, and Play™ (IEP), and then Power ‘N Play™ (PNP). In 1995, strategies for standardizing the vocabulary evolved through the development of the Unity® series of MAPs. Unity® is the name of a Minspeak Application Program widely used in English speaking countries, except for the UK. Other English-language MAPs are available, as well as MAPs in various languages (e.g., German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Danish, Swedish, etc.).

Semantic Compaction® Systems, Inc. owns the intellectual properties for all Minspeak® Application Programs. Staff at Semantic Compaction® Systems, Inc. are actively involved in the world-wide development and translation of MAPs.

Pense Productions Only God Could Hear Me ~ (The Minspeak Documentary Film)
Sports (Pense Productions)
  • The Minspeak Documentary DVD
  • English; Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1; Color; 53 Minutes
  • Starring: Chris Kein; Jennifer Lowe; Lucas McCarty; Bac Shelton
  • Filmed on Location in Pittsburgh PA, Holland MI, Little Rock AR, and The Mississppi River Delta
  • By Colin Sander
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